Victory After Defeat; Finding Hope After Loss.

victory after defeat finding hope after Loss
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Overview/ synopsis A brief, uplifting, yet realistic perspective on life after experiencing disappointments, failures, and loss. A reminder of our source of hope.

“Sometimes you can try as hard as you can, position yourself up to win, do all the right things, play the right cards and still lose.


This truth in itself can be very discouraging, and can definitely cause many to ponder: what is the benefit of attempting a great feat, if there’s a small chance you’ll walk away successful, and a greater chance your time and efforts will be either lost or wasted.

The latter is indeed a logical response to life’s challenges, because in life there are no guarantees! But here’s why you should try anyways and the answer is:

There is always HOPE!

Life is full of trials and obstacles, and all of them are placed in our path so that we may overcome: (ROMANS 8:37: Now we are more than conquerors through him who loved us) . We go through trials that are meant to teach us and refine us.

As a believer, we know that there is always hope, joy and beauty to be found, and important lessons to be learned from every mistake, setback, trial, fail, fall, win, and every loss.

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So what do we do when we experience failure and loss?…

As a person of faith your job is to trust God, and understand that his plans and ideas are way bigger and better than your own. As our loving father and creator, he only wants the best for us, he sees us, and knows us better than we could ever see ourselves.

Oftentimes our value gets misconstrued by the thoughts and perceptions and the values of men, but a man can not give you value, nor can he take it away. God saw that you were valuable so he put you here, gave you grace, knowledge and, wisdom, and your worth comes from him alone.

Just know that if you’re here, he put you here for a reason, and all that you are going through is not a mere coincidence, he wants you to come to a better understanding and knowledge of him, yourself and the world around you.

So stop forcing things and relax, God is the author and he is always in control. Your healing, your elevation, and restoration will happen exactly when they’re meant to.

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Whatever troubles you’re going through don’t give up. Find comfort in God’s promises and his word. If you remain in him, and he in you, then no matter the troubles or how high the tide God will see you through.

Remember: this is not even your final destination, there’s a place in heaven set on high just waiting for you, that no man can touch or tarnish or take away, where there’s no darkness, and no pain, or suffering.

And here on Earth we only see pieces and glimpses of it. The good or the light we see in others, the potential we see in ourselves, the love we have for one another, the joy, and laughter, comfort and rest, God too has this abundantly for us, if we stand fast in what we believe.

So take hope, if you suffer, have faith, and believe in him, when facing obstacles and trials. No matter what your enemy does, or tries to do, your victory lies in God and you have already won, and if you haven’t won yet then it isn’t the end!

hope, after loss, victory after defeat, hope in God.

1 John 4:4 But you belong to God my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.

Your value and worth comes from God alone, you are his child, you belong to him, and that is all that MATTERS!!

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And take a look at some other encouraging scriptures, about Victory straight from the source:
1st John 5:4
Psalms 62:7
1 Corinthians 15:54
Exodus 15:2
Isiah 12:2

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7 Signs You May Be Experiencing Spiritual Warfare

There is a war going on around you each moment, and you don’t even know it. Every single day you wake up, you open your eyes, and place your feet on the floor, you are entering a warzone, and the spoil is your soul.

The fact is your smack dab in the middle two opposing forces. Good, and Evil. 

spiritual warfare

Sounds like a line from a flick; But if you are a believer of God, and his greatness, then you are also aware that evil does exist. 
It’s not something that most people talk about or even understand, but yet it is there. 

spiritual warfare

We think we simply create our own lives, make our choices, do the best we can and when we die it’s over… Well that’s not exactly true. In some way yes we do have control over lives, we do make our own choices that leads us to our desires and where we want to be.

The more interesting part is your in the middle of a race, or game between good and evil, and everyday they are at war for your soul. 
The game starts a new each day, and you ultimately make the choice to be ruled by Good (God), or Evil ( the Devil)  

There are spirits everywhere, going about seeking to see whom they can devour, and if you’re not carefully watching, you’ll be doing exactly what they want you to do. 

Here are several signs that you may be experiencing spiritual warfare:

  • Addiction/habits detrimental to your health
  • Sudden Depression/sadness
  • Feeling constantly Angry/Violent
  • Covetous/Jealousy/Envy
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Lewd Desires/ Behavior
  • Uncleanliness/ Chaos

Now you may be saying that these are either the symptoms of an unwell person, or the characteristics of the average human being. But
If all these things then are natural, then why are we not born with them?

spiritual warfare

All these traits are learned and influenced by the spirits around us .The goal is simple: corrupt as many souls as possible, and hide them from enlightenment, and salvation, which is God. 

spiritual warfare

There are always a million things going on around us, whether we know it or not we are being trained and coerced by unseen spirits. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  

spiritual warfare

Believers of God ought to be vigilant and mindful, that their mind is always on the prize, which is eternal life with God. You need to always be on watch, not necessarily watching against others, but keeping a close eye on yourself so that you are not accidentally lending your soul, and or doing works for the  devil.

While you might not be out here looking for trouble, do not be naive in thinking that trouble is not out here looking for you. 

While we may do many great and wondrous things down here on Earth, our main mission is to please God, which is why it’s SO important to be mindful of our spirits.

Man who is evil and will perish says: Go do whatever you want. Eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want, party as much as you want, Make however much money you want, doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you have it. Man also says your worth comes from wealth, money, materials, and status. 

spiritual warfare

We’ve all been programmed the same values at a young age. Your job as a member of society, is to be controlled by your government. Go to school, learn what they want you to learn, focus on your role, and what you will do after school to fit into their system.

God who is eternal says: Fear me and obey my commandments, (things God considers a sin) seek me continuously. Your worth, or any glory you may receive comes from God only.

spiritual warfare

If we are not seeking God’s face, God’s strength continuously, in effect allowing ourselves to become distracted by what’s going on around us, and drawing inward to ourselves and the world, instead of inward to God, then we are setting ourselves up to welcome in countless sinful spirits.

Consider this the next time, you feel stress, anxiety, fear, depression, or lust. God didn’t send those things, you allowed it in. 2nd Timothy 1:7 : For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


Thanksgiving Day Funk

We all know everyday is a day is a day to be thankful, but ESPECIALLY on holidays like Thanksgiving. It’s a designated time of year, for family, good food, laughter, and cheer, but unbeknownst to some the holiday season can be one of the lonliest times of the year. 

2020 has been something of a disaster for most, everyone has been affected by COVID 19, in some way shape or form, whether it’s been the lost of a family member, friend, job, certain freedoms, or faith in a brighter future.

The tragedy is there. The sadness is there, the depression, and the stress is there, and it’s not just going to go away because of our regularly scheduled holiday programming.

For many, the holidays are a great time for families to travel, gather, and reunite, but there are some of us, who simply just can’t relate, and instead it becomes a large mirror forcing you to reflect on what you don’t or didn’t have.

Growing up, even before my mother passed, we didn’t celebrate holidays or have large gatherings. Everyday was the same, there was no holiday spirit or Christmas cheer,  it just wasn’t in our system of beliefs; but there was church, it seems like there was always time for that…

It’s no wonder that after she died, what was “left” of the family fell apart.

 I don’t blame my brother and sister who were young adults at the time of her passing, so many years living under strict rule, going to a place of worship your mom devoted her time and life to, but yet it didn’t save hers.

My mother passed a month after I turned 11. I have no idea what the last words I ever said to her, I don’t think at the time I realized that she wouldn’t be coming back. Things were very lonely after that.

There was no one there to build or lift me up, or teach me how to be a respectable lady, and warn me not to rush. I mean there again was always church, which seemed a blessing and a curse. Now there was no mom, no sister, no brother, but there was dad who had to sit all the way on the other side of the church

At a young age it taught me that in short amounts of time anything could change, and that sitting down, and being quiet was possibly the best or only thing I could do in life.

I guess that’s why I was in such a rush to grow up. I wanted love and affection from someone else. 

I did not love myself and because of it, it vastly changed the direction of my life. With someone, just  to be with them, no matter the outcome or cost, and it certainly did cost me lot, my livelihood, my mental, emotional health, the list goes on… it’s  a price I’m still paying, a deep wound that’s still healing, a massive dark  hole that I am still digging, and climbing out.

On some days it’s easier, on days like thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas it’s not. While everyone is coming together to take part in the holiday cheer, laugh, eat, and smile, it’s a reminder of what I failed to produce, and the cozy childhood I never got.

But I am grateful, and thankful, nonetheless. 

It reminds me to cherish the moments with the little ones who are dear to my heart. If you’re feeling down in the dumps this holiday, just know you aren’t alone. Everyone is going through something. This year, has been a year like no other. Remember to be gentle with yourself.

PROVERBS 10:22: “The Blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it.”