2021. A Fresh Start Or Utter Chaos.

Less than a week into the anticipated New Year, and already we have experienced yet another historical event.

The attack lead by Far Right Trump Supporters on Capital Hill; home of US House Representatives, and US Senate, and one of the most prestigious locations in the US; has left the nation, and those around the globe speechless.

The attempted coup, who’s motives were unclear, ended in complete chaos, with the untimely deaths of 4 people including an officer on duty amidst the riot.

It is most certainly not the Fresh start to the New year we were hoping or expecting.

With only 12 days left to the official inauguration of President Biden one only wonders if this transfer of power will be a peaceful moment of change, or another moment of utter chaos.

The US is already in a major rut after last years uncontrollable spread of the novel CORONA VIRUS, claiming an estimated total close to 300,000 American lives.

All Americans, and most people around the world would like, is for some sense of normality to return, and so far this tragic incident isn’t the peaceful form of democracy to reassure Americans going forward that there will be any type of return to normality or positive change.


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