7 Powerful Affirmations To Thwart Off Jealousy and Comparison

Let’s be real! We live in a digital age, where it is extremely easy to fall into traps of comparison.  There is so much pressure to look, act and be like those around us, ESPECIALLY on social media!

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 That’s why I compiled this short but great list of affirmations to center your thoughts and thwart off those negative feelings of jealousy and comparison!
Feeling that anxious, dreadful feeling well have a look at the slides below
for a few reminders, that life is not a race, and there is simply no need to be envious of others. Where you are, is right where you need to be.

Here they are again in list form

✅1 Other women are not my competition!

✅2 what’s for me is for me.

✅3 I am unique and so is my journey 

✅4 God has a plan and a purpose for my life .

✅5 No one is above or beneath me

✅6 I am blessed. 

✅7 I have everything I need within me to succeed 

7 Powerful Affirmations To Thwart Off Jealousy and Comparison

Keep your vibe high! ❌comparison, ❌envy, ❌jealousy are low vibes that do nothing for you. The next time you feel yourself slipping into one of these moods take a look at this list of affirmations : Read it, say it, write it ✍️

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